KDA : Challenge

KDA addresses the challenges of its clients:

ingeniosité challenge.jpegWhether you have extremely tight construction deadlines, such as the rebuilding of a school, the construction of a production workshop, a logistics storage centre, a cold-storage warehouse, the industrial transfer of machines to a new production unit, the export of housing for your company, the construction of a military base, a technical industrial base, or you have delivery or climatic constraints, KDA & Partners is your ideal associate.

Whatever the challenge, KDA is the architectural firm that will know how to tackle it, with its passion for techniques and people; KDA will, with its partners, rise to the challenge, from construction to transfer, ready to use building to demolition, emergency housing to redevelopment and restoration, the hotel and restaurant industry to the specialised health facility.

KDA also tackles challenges that involve ancient construction methods; you want to rediscover the original structure of a building, not only in its appearance and materials but also in its dimensions, you’re looking for the best way to protect an old building, you want to rebuild an identical structure according to archival documents and a site excavation led by Kube Design Architecture’s architects, you want to build a perfect copy of an ancient building in a different region or country, KDA & Partners is the team you need to make your desires come true.

KDA believes that if challenges exist, dreams are made to become reality.Pierre Yves d’Alderande