KDA: Concepts

Modulor concept KDA

Modulor KDA

KDA uses simple and effective concepts when developing projects that it has been entrusted with.

The simplicity with which one can describe a building (space, orientation, appearance and colours), from the outside and inside, determines its clear use and purpose.

The efficient simplicity of the analysis of a place determines its position and shape for perfect integration within the project’s environment.

The efficient simplicity of the maintenance of space and matter determines the sustainability of the building, through the careful use of materials and of a construction system adapted to the location, climate and constraints.

Suite Fibonacci et l'architecture

La suite de Fibonacci est un révélateur conceptuel.

The values of the concepts used by KDA stem from many years of experience and expertise in many sectors, in design or construction. These values also take into account the Modulor scale, golden rule, Fibonacci sequence and logic.

The client / architect discussion always goes beyond the initial demand, both passionately concerned by the best use of the designed building, whatever its size, leading to a sustainable structure that is the extension of an architectural design that is practiced and promoted by KDA.

révolution géométrique logique et architecture

révolution géométrique logique et architecture

KDA chooses independent engineers to partner with on each project. In this way, KDA keeps its pure, consistent and free conceptual approach to architecture, as engineering is only needed to find the ideal technical solution for the building using normative calculations.