21 October 2013

Creation of KDA

logo KDA Def - 2

KDA (Kube Design Architecture) is a new architectural firm: FREE and apolitical, existing solely for the sake of architecture. Their associates, composed of architects and engineers, are present across France. KDA partners with a variety of clients and works around the world.

KDA’s architects graduated from France’s “Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture” (Special School of Architecture) in 1990, having immersed themselves in multidisciplinary training techniques provided by passionate teachers.

KDA brings together its experience, specialisations and knowledge, gathered for the past 25 years by its architects, accumulating over 2,000 projects in France, Europe, Africa and Asia. KDA has been archiving its projects for the past 31 years, giving it access to a rare and complete library.

Architectural projects that you entrust us with, or that you will entrust us with, will always be dealt with passion, the passion that drives us to design unique buildings that have been imagined and given life by you.

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