19 February 2014

KDA acclaimed

Logement Collectif KDAKDA is widely acclaimed for its creative designs and its ability to react when dealing with projects that it has been assigned. Lately, Kube Design Architecture was entrusted with the design of 21 houses and two apartment blocks, called “designer houses”. These projects, located in France and abroad, leave a strong architectural stamp on these places as different as they are exogenous.

KDA uses innovative and sustainable materials as well as fast and efficient construction techniques for the design of all of its projects.
KDA’s architects define proportions and shapes by applying simple and well thought out concepts that are the protectors of architectural design that is pleasant to look at, to sense, to live in and to use.

KDA would like to thank all of its clients that have brought, through their trust in Kube Design Architecture’s architects, support for architectural design that wants to be free, independent and unique.

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