KDA: Philosophy

KDA’s philosophy is to design buildings, rooms and spaces that not only fit their purpose perfectly, but also bring pride and piece of mind, developing the desire to embrace its architecture wholeheartedly.

“Emotional” architecture: bringing architecture to life

We design “emotional” architecture projects to bring the design to life. We adapt our ideas to the type of project, developing functionality and ergonomics depending on the purpose; a main residence will have a conceptual approach that is based on the location and the way of life of its owners, taking into account the fact that “emotional” architecture will have a positive influence and will imply a change in the family’s way of life, whereas an industrial project will have a sensible and logical approach, taking into account production and work parameters, bringing a gain in productivity to the company, an architectural image that is linked to its name, an analysis of the working methods of its employees, and an optimised machine / building / flow interface.

KDA believes in well thought out and streamlined designs, adapted to the modernity, activity or preservation of the property, felt through the emotions of the project’s components.

Projects led by KDA’s architects incorporate an efficient maintenance and construction diagnosis to ensure the sustainability of its projects, well before High Environmental Quality (HQE) procedures.

A diverse array of experiences in many sectors

KDA’s architects have a diverse array of experiences in a large number of sectors, such as: apartment blocks, the hotel industry, luxury housing, luxury interior design, collective buildings, freight warehouses, cold-storage warehouses, services (offices, headquarters), ready for use factories (mechanics, metalworking, plastics, glassware, carpentry, plaster, brickworks, earthenware, ironwork, electronics, food-processing, concrete plant, asphalt plant, etc.…..), chemical sites, logistics warehouses, aeronautical workshops, sporting facilities, industrial redevelopments, industrial transfers, demolition and decontamination programs, extensive renovation works (housing and factories, stadiums and public buildings), prefabrication sites and units, port works and buildings, farm buildings (animal housing, milking parlour, vinification warehouse, barrel warehouse, conservation warehouse, fodder and hay storage, stud farm, abattoir, aviary (chickens, turkeys, pigeons, quails), exotic animal housing, greenhouses, grain silos), quarry sites, railway sites, military sites, sawmills, cooperages, stave mills, control stations for cars and heavy-goods vehicles, commercial buildings, commercial zones, industrial town-planning, commercial town-planning, etc…….

All exchanges between KDA’s architects and their clients are based on trust, a guarantee of success for the project and the architectural or technical challenge. The architect’s experience becomes an invaluable source of knowledge for the client and the architect will ensure that the client makes the right choice during the preparation and the construction of a project. Before, and frequently during, the creation of a project, KDA is the partner and contact of choice between administrative bodies and the client.