KDA: Presentation

KDA (Kube Design Architecture) has over a quarter of a century of experience in architectural practice. Its architects have a wealth of experience, knowledge and diversity, allowing them to meet the needs of all types of projects.

KDA’s associated architects are: Armand Bedrossian, an architect trained at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA) in Paris with a number of noteworthy projects completed in the world and Pierre Yves d’Alderande, also trained at the ESA, with nearly three thousand projects completed in France, Asia, and Africa, archived to this day and for the past thirty years.


Armand Bedrossian has for a long time created lines of clothing and worked as a designer in France, the United-States and Asia.

Pierre Yves d’Alderande comes from a family of industrialists, and has gained a number of technical and art diplomas and specialised training in the pathology of buildings, demolition and deconstruction, viti/viniculture, or even Seveso-type industries (up to Seveso II directive).

KDA’s accumulated knowledge is a guarantee for success on all projects. Whether it’s for the construction of a luxury house in a unique location, a casino or a pasino with luxury hotel in a tourist spot, building a new factory, designing a small or medium sized business or industry project or social housing, all projects that we work on are treated with the same care.

We are passionate architects and we design with passion to turn on your senses and let you feel the emotion of the place. We find the architectural and decorative spirit that matches the project; follow our desires and analysis of the project, to make it a success that meets the expectations of its users and purpose.