15 April 2014

Sainte Croix School

Ecole Saint Croix Noisy le Sec

KDA – Sainte Croix School

KDA responded to the private competition launched by the Sainte Croix School in Noisy le Sec, France, complying with the curriculum (nursery school + primary school) whilst proposing efficient technical solutions and ensuring quick delivery. The regional education authority asked to respect the 3 months maximum closing time limit, with a reopening of the school on the 15th September. With the timing set, several types of foundations will be chosen and most of the school’s demolition materials will be reused.

Plan d'ensemble Ecole Ste Croix

KDA – Comprehensive plan for the Ste Croix School

The project is built on 3 property lines: structural steel erection work, modular design and innovative materials making it possible to anticipate the new “RT2015” Thermal Regulations for 2015. The school is set back from the street, creating an informal meeting space for children and their parents.

Extérieur Ecole Ste Croix

KDA – Ste Croix School Exterior

The large central covered playground protects the classroom entrances and walkways that link the different units. Natural lighting is optimised for each classroom and each space. The structure of the covered playground will, in part, support solar panels and DWH heating exchangers.

Entrée de la Nouvelle Ecoel Sainte Croix par KDA

KDA – New Sainte Croix School Entrance

The safety of the new Sainte Croix School will be strengthened thanks to a double-door entrance. The entrance unit will house the surveillance unit, senior management and a first aid medical unit. The overhang of the management unit will give a wide view of the entrance and the playground. The longitudinal walkway will connect the management cell to all of the building’s entrances and classrooms; becoming a lookout post for carnival days, school parties, commemorations and out-of-school activities inside the building’s grounds.

Steel, wood, concrete and composite materials were the main materials used for this project, meeting the requirements of the client represented by Mr. Fouquet, who invested a lot of time in its development.


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