Spécialisation : Agriculture

The farming world is in constant evolution and requires the construction of a wide variety of buildings, for both their destination and use.

The architecture of our land

KDA’s architects use traditional methods on agricultural projects and advocate for a comprehensive and intuitive discussion on the management of operations through an approach that combines traditional principles with new technologies.

KDA designs the agricultural built environment

KDA designs well-thought-out buildings for all types of farming, whether it’s a wine warehouse, barrel or bottle cellar, packaging line, winemaking facility, animal housing, fodder or hay storage room, grain silo, milking parlour, fish breeding tank, dovecote, henhouse, pigsty, grain dryer, mushroom bed, gîte, bed and breakfast, goods warehouse, greenhouse, grafting workshop, cold-storage facility, clean room, abattoir, phytosanitary product storage room, fertiliser storage room, operations office, living quarters, stables, indoor or outdoor horse-riding arena, box, etc….

The technical design study sometimes occurs in synergy with the specific departments of the chambers of agriculture, and the DDAF (merged into the DDTM). KDA provides graphic support for grant and / or funding applications and an on-demand diagnosis on the farm’s evolution plans.

KDA is proud of its visionary approach towards the agricultural built environment, integrating all human (history of the farm and the family structure), technical and environmental factors and bringing sound advice and experience to the table.