Spécialisation : Industry

KDA’s expertise in manufacturing, resource extraction and the consumer goods industry is, to this day, recognised thanks to the reputation of KDA’s founding architects and acclaimed by the pertinent solutions found that participate towards the forward march and by the qualitative and quantitative gains in productivity.

Industrial architecture and industry

KDA also works alongside a wide variety of suppliers, from robotics, aircraft applications, nanotechnologies, information technology processed through collective intelligence, to the design of next-generation tools, through a constructive and open discussion that leads to a constant exchange of ideas and knowledge stemming from individual experiences and joint research.

KDA is committed to manufacturers, to provide the best technical and architectural solution, through its assistance in the analysis of production processes and flows.

KDA incorporates the views of machine-operators into its approach, when necessary, whether it is in the framework of an update, the integration of a new tool, the addition of a production unit or the reorganisation of raw materials / machine-operators / production flows. Lets not forget that businesses that have the best working conditions for their machine-operators reach their desired outcomes through product optimisation and respect for production planning.

KDA is committed to manufacturers

KDA archives all paper and electronic documents, with no time limit or disposal, to ensure the continued existence of the industry’s history with which it works with.