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Industry : Cold-storage facilities

KDA designs industrial cold-storage warehouses, with positive or negative temperatures, shipment stations, loading bays divided into sectors, stretch-wrapping machines and specific technological installations.

The pallet-loads define the optimisation of the cold-storage rooms: fixed or mobile, static or accumulated. Their optimisation saves space (maximum number of pallets) and time in preparing orders. A thoughtful discussion on energy savings, an open dialogue with the concessionary services in addition to flow analysis help to summarise the project as a whole and detect all aspects before its construction.

Kube Design Architecture works in synergy with its partners so that its buildings and cold-storage facilities are reliable over time, whilst also incorporating ideas on the maintenance of the installations and machines, the protection of the refrigeration panels, doors, passages, waste treatment and disposal, loading bays and service zones, as well as the human interface.

KDA is a multidisciplinary and industrial architectural firm that devotes its skills and knowledge to the success of each and every project. It is committed and commits its partners to a technical, responsible and sustainable form of architecture.d’Alderande

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