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Industry : Food-processing

KDA’s experience developed thanks to its analysis and solutions found for each type of project, whether it’s an abattoir, a cold-storage warehouse, a cheese factory, a dairy, a butcher’s, a vegetable processing plant, a mill, a flourmill, grain silos and grain dryers, an industrial bakery, a fishing products factory, a frozen goods plant, a sausage factory, a ready-made dishes factory, a cereal processing plant, a salting factory, a distillery, a brewery, a cooperative, a canning factory, etc…..

Specialised architecture

Every branch of the food-processing industry includes a number of technical, climatic and environmental parameters and is controlled not only by the ICPE, the DREAL, the DSV and the SDIS, but also by the constraints of the processing and preservation of each raw product (meat, fish, vegetable, cereal, milk, fruit and also insects).

The food-processing industry includes many sectors and trade associations and covers the whole range of agricultural product processing.

KDA is a major player

KDA brings together suppliers (materials and machines), concessionary services and administrative control services at every stage of the process to discuss openly with the client and the architect responsible for the project. Prior consultation, and also during, is the most important factor in the project’s success at all stages, allowing for the optimisation of the building / raw materials / production / storage facility.

Chemistry and biochemistry are becoming more and more important in the food-processing industry. This is a consequence of the increase in food demand combined with the limitations of agricultural production. KDA incorporates storage and network specifications into its projects, in synergy with specialised engineering firms if necessary. KDA encourages the use of audit offices for safety and certifications.

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