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Industry : Timber industry

After careful analysis of the project, KDA incorporates each component into the whole plan and provides an appropriate and complete solution.

Wood-inspired architecture

KDA juxtaposes geographical, climatic, human, technical, logistical and automated elements and incorporates all factors, through overall synergy, leading to the success of the industrial project.

As the timber industry produces a lot of recoverable waste, KDA advises its clients on how to optimise its production depending on the type of wood it uses.

KDA’s expertise in the timber industry was developed through training and studies and also through experience on the ground. KDA incorporates into the general proposal, and the overall reflection, plans for the installation of machinery, suction pumps, cyclones, OIW or special containers, log stocks, square-edged wood and shook storage facilities, storage facilities for wooden platforms stabilised by clamps and ventilated with needles (similar to the primary drying phase for shooks).

KDA is your point of contact

The sawmill’s onward march is always favoured by KDA, whatever its specialisation (planks, beams, square-edged wood, blocks, shooks, etc….), to eliminate downtime and allow flexibility at all stages of the process.

For industrial carpentry, composite panels (particleboard, plywood, slats, OSB, triply, various types of aggregates, etc…) need to be stored without the risk of distortion, so that they can be crafted on automated cutting benches (U.A.O. / CN). KDA recommends a discussion, during the design phase, on the flexibility of the workshop to challenge the organisation of the workspace in the event of changes in production.


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