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Housing : Housing & Traditions

Architecture is a constant search, a quest for new developments, but it must not forget the diverse array of architectures and techniques that exist and coexist.

Maison à l'AncienneKDA’s architects bring together a wide range of disciplines and a remarkable wealth of knowledge, whether its old heritage or constructions that respect traditions and regional typologies, even ancestral.

Renovation, redevelopment and construction of buildings, apartment blocks and houses, whilst respecting the ancestral use of materials, is part of being an architect. KDA encourages projects and clients that are engaged in the art of “traditional” building that also respect today’s rules and regulations.

Erecting a new building following historical proportions using, in part, old techniques and materials, creates a bit of history within the construction that will welcome their occupants for the first time, dreaming, imagining the history behind its walls.

Maison d'Architecte St Emilion

St Emilion

Passionate about the past, KDA’s architects will accompany its clients to second-hand shops, the flea market and maybe even the antique dealer to find objects that will merge into the history of the place…

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