Spécialisation : Town planning

City, town and village planning is constantly changing. These changes are due to political will, structural requirements for roads, or due to a directional change dictated by local policies.

The state of the road and network infrastructure, the typological identification of the built environment, expansions and urban densification, the implementation of the French housing act, Solidarity and Urban Renewal (SRU), and the new guidelines given by the French Local Urbanism Plan (PLU), are major components in the analysis of the town-planner.

KDA has developed its town planning approach by carrying out a great number of studies, like the creation of Joint Development Zones (ZAC), Land Use Plans (POS), Local Urbanism Plans (PLU), developing shopping districts, pedestrian streets, urban analysis studies, brownfield and wasteland redevelopment projects, old military site redevelopment and transformation projects, urban feasibility studies, construction plans for urban islands, housing estates, demographic analysis, plans for leisure centres and grounds, etc.……

KDA is also involved with projects abroad, from decontaminated plots to the establishment of operational town planning plans for immediate urbanisation.

KDA performs regulatory studies for town planning (POS, PLU, SDAU, ZAC, ZAD, residential or industrial housing scheme), as well as town planning studies (urban / demographic, geographic and socio-economic analysis, pedestrian impact / development, crossroad, public space / square development studies, and feasibility studies on urban zone expansion, regrouping help, and redevelopment of old neighbourhoods).