Spécialisation : Vine growing

KDA and its architects have many years of experience on projects that involve vine cultivation and wine production from Bordeaux, the Cotes de Provence, the Loire and Burgundy with some experience of export.

chai inox vinification

KDA assists winegrowers, as well as chateaux and estates, in their approach to build, organise and reorganise their buildings. Estimates made by KDA for winegrowing estates often help to see the reorganisation of the production systems in a new light.

KDA starts with an accurate analysis of what is already there; a list of all materials, buildings and installations is made in order to determine the necessary aims to meet the final demands of the owner.

With all needs identified, KDA then designs the buildings (equipment hall, storage warehouse (stakes, equipment, workshop, phytosanitary room), vinification warehouse, wine storage warehouse, barrel warehouse, cask warehouse, bottle warehouse, shipment and order preparation warehouse, offices, staff’s quarters, reception and tasting room for visitors) to meet the set target as effectively as possible.

KDA is also a privileged partner in the purchase of all kinds of vine working and warehouse equipment.