KDA : Technical Partners

SETRA Road and Motorway Technical Services.

Expert surveyors involved in different stages of the project.

Construire Acier + Otua –Technical Organisation for the Use of Steel (Document Database).

Partner for Natura 2000, wetland, flood risk and ecological area studies.

Engineering partner for metal structure studies.

Partner for wood component studies (Document Database).

Partner for reinforced concrete structure studies (Document Database).

Engineering partner for reinforced concrete structure studies.

Partner for subsoil and foundation engineering studies.

Eyrolles Bookshop (Technical Document Database).

Dunod Publishing house (Technical Document Database).

Technical Information (training & archival document database).

Architectural & Computing Technical Information.

Technical partner (training & document database).

Chronopost works in partnership with KDA to deliver files and documents.

ASP, Internet Property Manufacturing partner.

Stud farm and equine technical information.


AHI 33 Healthcare partner.