Spécialisation : Hotel & Restaurant

KDA creates elements of design right from the start that will be used on each structure, and on each individual element that is part of the structure, inside, outside and vice versa. It is not important that the customer comes once, but that he comes back again and again, having found the exact answer to his search, and more, convinced that the establishment is made for him.

KDA is involved in all trades of the hotel industry, from bed and breakfast to 5 star hotels, luxury palaces and Thalasso hotels.

Hotel architecture

The concepts of comfort, simplicity, secrecy and confidentiality, uniqueness, thoughtfulness, rarity, colours, materials, space, volume, efficiency, touch (with the eyes and the tips of fingers), the warmth of tones, the softness of the fabrics, the resurrection of forgotten things using space; all of these elements highlight the many aspects of the success of projects created and orchestrated by KDA.

Restaurants within hotels have to become an integral part of the establishment. Catering and the art of cooking are assets for each customer’s stay. The conviviality of the dining-room, the living-rooms, their spatial, visual and ergonomic comfort, combined with good-quality thematic cuisine, agreeing with the place, helps to match the expectations of each customer, who will be glad to have made an excellent choice.

KDA: for the exceptional and the rare

The independent catering industry leads a daily conquest for the most delicate palate and the most diverse array of expectations. Whatever the restaurant’s speciality, themed, regional or international, uncertainty must be preserved, between taste and pleasure, pleasure and looks, looks and scent, scent and comfort, comfort and ergonomics, ergonomics and simplicity, simplicity and distinctiveness, distinctiveness and originality, originality and space, space and privacy, and all of this in unison with regained senses and the pleasant discovery of an exceptional place, where the hotel manager’s pride meets its customer’s praise.

KDA’s hotel and restaurant designs unite technology with innovation and elegance, rationality with charm, substance with senses. Each hotel, palace, and restaurant, is designed by KDA as an exception in time applied to architecture and decoration.