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KDA concepteur de Magasins

C. C. Multi – boutiques

Whether it’s a shopping centre, a shopping mall, a store or even a chain of retail stores across France, Europe or other countries on other continents, KDA is your perfect partner.

Commercial architecture and town-planning

People no longer have the same set of values when it comes to retail stores; from now on the analysis, the store’s concept, must take into account new parameters, such as aisle flexibility, colours, lighting, help in speeding up customer’s choices, easy product recognition, clarity of signs and displays. The gain in time for the customer to find a certain product will allow him to roam around the other aisles.

KDA humanises and revitalises retail space

In stores that only offer one choice such as: clothing, telephones, fashion accessories, gardening equipment, sports, eyewear, decoration, tableware, stationary, etc….. the customer is mainly attracted to visual heart-stoppers, the reputation of the brand, cleanliness, and the emphasis on its best selling products.

For trades such as pharmacies, bakeries, chocolate and sweet shops, hairdressers, nail parlours, caterers, locksmiths, etc… the customer will be drawn in by the interior lighting, the space offered to move around, the visual simplicity to find products and information, the floor materials, the ambient colours, and the sensory perception of surrounding objects by sight and touch….

KDA mobilises all forces; besides the construction of buildings for all types of businesses, the work achieved with our designers and partners for planning and furniture, that will be integrated into each business, each shopping centre, each store, is done by taking into account current consumption criteria and its constant evolution.