Spécialisation : Schools & Universities

Whether in France, Europe or abroad, whether the project is planned on an existing structure, one that needs alterations or finishing touches, or on completely new plans, KDA designs buildings that will evolve over time, whilst meeting the criteria of all education systems.

Architecture and education

Each school, each university, whatever the field of study or country, has its own identity. The training given is efficient in places with functional design in mind, allowing for good communication, taking into account respect for each other.

KDA encourages each school and university to establish its own identity.

KDA incorporates the plurality of these conceptual elements and encourages solutions that agree with current and future criteria, whilst preserving the typology (civil (national – regional), military or religious) of each primary school, secondary school, high school or university. The classrooms, activity rooms, laboratories, gymnasiums, etc….. are the components that are integrated into KDA’s designs, following a fitting approach.

KDA and schools: a new perspective

Through its constructive response to problems, KDA is always seeking solutions that allow future structural changes, coherent maintenance, and the sustainability of its buildings and installations.

Education systems, protectors of our future, need to incorporate new solutions proposed by an architecture that is adapted to the type of teaching and conceived for students, whatever their age. KDA, with its experienced architects, brings adapted and visionary solutions to each project.