24 March 2014

Archi Pride 2014 – KDA

Archi Pride 2014 - KDAOnce again, the Regional Council of Aquitaine’s Order of Architects launched “ARCHI PRIDE” in April 2014. Following the presentation of the Regional Council’s activities – the 308 – the one day event will see the swearing-in of new entrants coming into the sector, although they will still have to prove themselves…… KDA wishes luck to all of these young and adventurous architects, still full of illusions, and who will soon be brought face to face with the realities of public and private commissions, the financial and diplomatic realities that guide relations with clients, as well as the mass of legislation, standards, technical documents, repeals, and also amending and complementary texts.

Hats off to all of those who will, most certainly, have to work at a loss, but have the passion for architecture, and have the insatiable desire to see at least one of their designs shoot to fame in their life as an architect.

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