Archives Blog : February 2014

28 February 2014

Partnership between KDA and Look’in Nice

KDA has just formed a partnership with Look’in Nice to create personalised KDA shirts, under the themes of “designer housing” and “industrial architecture”, as well as a “look’in for me” makeover for KDA’s employees. KDA’s entire [...] read more

26 February 2014

KDA joins the Archiliste & Batiliste databases

KDA has joined the Bataliste and Archiliste databases, which are excellent search engines and networking sites that link design professionals with building experts, allowing clients to find the companies and architects that they need, such as KDA. Ba [...] read more

24 February 2014

Alain Vuillemet chooses KDA

Alain Vuillemet, a metal working sculptor, chose KDA to design his brand new sculptor’s studio. The two cubic rooms, linked by a flap, formalise the raw volume of the steel waiting to be shaped. This sculptor’s den will surely be a place where un [...] read more

19 February 2014

KDA acclaimed

KDA is widely acclaimed for its creative designs and its ability to react when dealing with projects that it has been assigned. Lately, Kube Design Architecture was entrusted with the design of 21 houses and two apartment blocks, called “designer h [...] read more