06 December 2013

Batimat 2013

KDA - Batimat 2013

KDA went to Batimat 2013 and noticed a surge in supply of materials and techniques, with a focus on insulation techniques and simplified implementation techniques. Supply from companies in France is balancing off, becoming more qualitative. There were more foreign companies (ECC and non-ECC) this year, and they seem to have a real appetite for new markets.

Composite materials have strengthened their presence alongside standard materials, enhanced by a range of synthetic processes.

The clustering of companies into groups foreshadows a decrease in supply and a gradual disappearance of certain non-profitable skill sets in production (e.g. little chance of mechanisation). In the next few years, we will certainly see the gap between “industrialised” products and “traditional” products increase, the latter only being distributed at the local level.

We have noticed a qualitative step from RT2012 to RT2020 of alumina carrier, with a very interesting Iberian product line.

The innovations that we took note of at the different stands, including Saint Gobain Sevax, Alucobond, Arcelor Mittal, Porcelenosa, Poly-pac, Simonin, Fakro, Comenza, and Prete are currently being integrated into our library.



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