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Industry : Metal and Steel Industries

KDA has been involved in a large number of sectors such as: smelting plants, rolling-mills, special steel refining, shearing, profiling, stamping, wiredrawing, slitting and winding workshops, metal galvanisation and special treatments, aluminium coating, primary product production and special metals.

Fusion architecture

Equipment and buildings made for steel and metalworking industries require particular attention in the context of globalisation, in a world where the relevance of a response allows the optimisation of existing solutions or projects of all types and sizes.

The fusion of primary elements and ideas gives birth to the materials of the future.Pierre Yves d’Alderande

KDA adapts its know-how to new productions

KDA analyses the information and data with the site’s users and operators, and also their existing and / or future installations; this analysis helps to get a diagnosis on the demands that will in turn confirm or modify the justifications of the project. KDA’s approach will ensure a great fit and an optimised project, heightening its competitiveness.

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